Our Values

  • We work closely with you to make your website work hard for your business. Your expertise on your business + our SEO expertise is our winning formula.

  • Your success is our success. We do not have annual contracts and earn your business each month.

  • We are transparent. We track metrics and confer with you re: what’s working and what can make you rank higher in searches.

  • We are a resource for you wherever you are on the SEO knowledge scale.

  • We provide value to you/your business through our SEO expertise and so much more.

We Genuinely Want to Help Your Business Grow!

Our Founders

Jesse Dolan
Jesse Dolan
Co-Founder & Chief Execuative Officer

Jesse has been an entrepreneur and business owner since the late 1900’s (1999 to be exact) when he was the COO for International Office Technologies, a local IT services and equipment sales company in MN. In the early 2000’s Jesse helped grow the company by transitioning from a traditional cold calling, direct mail, and “interruption marketing” strategy to an “inbound marketing” strategy that leveraged websites and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to grow the business instead.

This shift in strategy worked, and ultimately led to many new clients asking not just for IT equipment – they wanted help getting their own websites ranked high in Google, too. This pushed Jesse and his internal marketing team to start serving clients externally, designing websites and providing SEO services to help clients grow their businesses.

In 2015 the success resulted in the internal marketing department being spun off, and Intrycks was created. Jesse is Co-Founder and CEO of Intrycks, which serves clients with SEO and digital marketing around the globe. Jesse may be best known as the host of the Local SEO Tactics podcast, launched in 2018 and listened to by thousands of marketers and businesses owners each week.

Jesse’s unique viewpoint of SEO and online marketing as an experienced business owner – not a career web designer – provides valuable insights as to the ROI and goals that make online marketing work for local businesses.

Bob Brennan
Bob Brennan
Co-Founder & Chief Business Development Officer

In 1992 Bob Brennan, CEO of International Office Technologies and Co-Founder, began his career in the printer industry. Working as an independent sales representative for a startup company, he provided recycled and re-inked printer ribbons to businesses across the Twin Cities. Through the rest of the 80’s and into the early 90’s the business and industry would evolve with the introduction of laser based toner printers.

In 1995 Bob decided to strike out on his own and create International Office Technologies Inc. Companies were emerging to offer supplies for printers, but he felt that something was missing. His vision was to make IOT a provider of a complete printing solutions not just another supplies vendor.

With a business model mapped out, he set up shop in the basement of his parents home, in West Saint Paul, MN. In between home cooked lunches and visits from the family dog he began to develop a total solution that could provide customers with both printer supplies and service & repair. He called it the Total Laser Care (TLC) Program and began introducing it to companies all over St. Paul and Minneapolis.

The Evolution

During that 1st year of business customers poured in, and Bob knew he was on the right track. In 1996 IOT hired his it’s first employee and relocated to an office in Mendota Heights, MN. The business continued to outgrow its space, and continues to grow today.

Bob is a consummate entrepreneur