Eating Your Own Dog Food

Intrycks started as a division of IOT, an evolution of our internal marketing efforts turned inside-out.  As a small business, we grew tired of spending good money on bad marketing.  We wanted guaranteed results – at any price – but could not find them.  So, we decided to roll up our sleeves, get messy, and do it ourselves.

We left behind methods like cold calling, telemarketing, direct mail, yellow pages, local newspaper ads and other types of outbound advertising.  Instead, we focused on being the first business that prospects see when searching online.  We found this approach leads to higher closing rates and a shorter sales cycle, since customers were ready-to-buy when they contacted us.  Then, one of our customers asked if we could help do the same for them…so we did.

Today, we proudly  serve small businesses with locally targeted, lead generating websites, in a wide range of industries across the country, and share the tips and tactics that work on our weekly podcast, Local SEO Tactics.