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step2We’re passionate about what we do, and are excited to help you grow!

We take great satisfaction, knowing what we do helps your business grow and make more money.

Here is an overview of the website features, and the related information we need from you.

Incoming Phone Calls; All of our websites utilize an Intrycks Tracking Number.  This means that whenever someone calls the local number listed on the website, the calls will route to the number you provide us below.  Additionally, the phone call is recorded, time stamped, and entered into a Call Log for future reporting and review.

Another great features is that a recording of each call will be emailed to you immediately after the call is complete.  This gives you a great tool to review the quality of the customers, in addition to the quality of service your team is providing.  Many customers find this is a great way to train staff and improve customer service, in addition to providing immediate website performance feedback.

Incoming Emails; All of our websites utilize an Intrycks Tracking Email.  This means that whenever someone submits a contact form, or sends an email to the websites email address, the emails will route to the address you provide us below.

Business Name; We’ll modify the website logo to include your business name by using a “powered by Your Company” line.

Business Address; Our website features several prominent areas where your business address will be displayed.  Our handy integrated Maps tools lets customers see exactly where you are located.

Everything is Quantifiable; All website traffic, calls, emails, and communications are tracked and monitored for performance.  Clear data makes for easy review, evaluation, and performance improvements!

We could go on all day, but that’s enough for now!

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  • Number you want all new customers ring to.