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More Customers Are Contacting You Via Messaging So Optimize Your Business To Take Advantage – 028

Discover The Easy But Hidden Way To Engage With More Customers And Get Ahead Of Your Competition We've noticed a ...
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Multi-Location Local SEO Strategy and Website Design Tips For Businesses With Multiple Locations – 027

How To Approach Local SEO and Increase Rankings If Your Business Has Multiple Locations If your business has multiple locations, ...
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Bing SEO

Improve Your Bing SEO Ranking With Bing Webmaster Tools and Bing Places For Your Business – 026

Bing SEO Using Bing Webmaster Tools and Bing Places To Increase Your Local Rankings and Exposure Bing SEO! It’s something ...
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Local SEO Marketing

What Is Local SEO Marketing, How Does It Work, and Why You Need It To Rank Locally – 025

Focus On Local SEO To Rank Higher In Google For Locally Based Searches What is local SEO? How does local ...
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Google My Business Updates

Google My Business Updates – GMB Descriptions, Services Section, Attributes, and Users – 024

How To Use Google My Business Descriptions, Services, Attributes, and More Google My Business (GMB) is an extremely important part ...
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Most Important Web Pages To Include

What Pages Do I Need On My Website? The Most Important Pages You Should Include – 023

These Are The Pages You Need To Include On Your Website What are the most important pages you need do ...
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website change monitoring

Monitor Website Changes Automatically (and Spy On Competitor Pages Too!) – 022

Apps For Website Change Monitoring, Change Detection, and Alerts Nowadays, there are many great website change detector apps to help ...
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Website Photography Tips

How To Take Better Photos For An Engaging Website With Matt Addington (Part 2) – 021

Part2 - How To Take Better Photos For Your Website Matt Addington shares tips and tricks for taking your own photos ...
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Website Photography Tips

How To Take Better Photos For An Engaging Website With Matt Addington (Part 1) – 020

How To Take Better Photos For Your Website - Part 1 One area of your website that can have a ...
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GMB Offer Posts

What Are Google My Business Offer Posts and How To Use Them Effectively – 019

Introduction To The GMB Offer Posts and How To Craft A Great Offer Google has released a new feature within ...
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Avoid Over Optimization Of Your Website

What Is Over Optimization and How To Avoid Over Optimizing Your Website – 018

Avoid Over Optimizing Your Website To Maintain High Search Rankings Yes, it is possible to over optimize your website. Too ...
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GMB Category Keywords

Using GMB Categories As Website Keywords To Improve Your Rank In Google Maps – 017

Rank Higher in the Google Map Pack By Using GMB Categories as Keywords On Your Website Google My Business, also ...
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XML Sitemaps

Creating A Website Sitemap For Google With An XML Sitemap Generator – 016

Use An XML Sitemap Generator To Create and Auto Update Your Website Sitemaps Want your pages to show up in ...
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Google Search Console

What Is Google Search Console and How To Submit Your Website To Google With It – 015

Use Google Search Console To Submit Your Website To Google and Report On Google Search Performance Google Search Console (also ...
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Attacking New Keywords

Attacking New Keywords – Updating Your Homepage Versus Creating A New Page – 014

How To Decide If You Should Refocus Your Homepage Or Make A New Page To Attack Keywords In this weeks ...
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Proven Tactics That You Can Easily Apply To Your Business

We’ve been in business for 23 years, operating local “brick and mortar” services businesses here in the Minneapolis, MN area.  We’ve tested marketing of all sorts – cold calling, telemarketing, door knocking, billboards, newspapers, radio, yellow pages, and even broadcast faxing (anyone remember that?).

Jesse and Bob

What did we learn?  Nothing beats ranking high on Google searches!

We’ve taken that knowledge and helped hundreds of businesses across the US, by getting them ranked high in Google to dominate their local markets.

Now, we want to help you!  Our new weekly podcast will focus on the tactics, techniques, and strategies to get your website ranked at the top of Google (and Bing, and Yahoo…) so you can grow your business, and make more money!


We're here to help! Share your thoughts on what you'd like us to focus on, or what challenges you are facing right now.