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Wordpress Plugins

Some Of Our Favorite WordPress Plugins – Interview With Joe Anderson – 039

Learn What Plugins We Use To Power Our Websites With Joe Anderson From Metaphor Creations This week Jesse interviews Joe ...
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content production

How To Create An Effective Content Strategy For Your Website – 038

Develop A System To Consistently Produce New Content For Your Website Content is king, but producing good relevant content for ...
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How To Submit You Website To Google and Bing – 037

Get Your Website Submitted To Google and Bing And Have Your Pages Indexed For Search Listings Learn how to submit ...
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Using Category Pages For SEO Improvements On Your Website – 036

How To Create and Use Category Pages To Improve The SEO On Your Site Use category pages to boost the ...
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Interview With Nate Hirsch From FreeeUp.com About How To Bootstrap and Scale Your Marketing With Freelancers – 035

Hire Top Talent On A Temporary Or Part-Time Basis To Instantly Increase Business Productivity This week we interview Nate Hirsch ...
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Search User Intent

What Is User Intent and How To Use SEO To Optimize Your Website For Searcher Intent – 034

Understand Searcher Intent On Google So You Can Incorporate User Intent Into SEO For Your Website Understanding user intent and ...
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How To Answer Questions In Google Maps and Paying Attention To Google Questions and Answers

How To Answer Questions In Google Maps and Paying Attention To Google Questions and Answers – 033

The Importance of Using Google Questions and Answers on Google Maps and Your GMB Listings Have you heard of or ...
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Getting Your Google My Business Page Suspended and Local Business Reinstatement Request Forms – Beer Friday – 032

Reasons Your GMB List Can Get Suspended and How You Can Get Your Listing Unsuspended You definitely do not want ...
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How To Increase Google Ranking and Lower Your Bounce Rates By Increasing Your Website Speed – 031

How To Increase Google Ranking and Lower Your Bounce Rates By Increasing Your Website Speed Website speed is a ranking ...
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Interview of Local SEO Tactics Co-Host Bob Brennan – The Ever Changing Marketing Landscape – 030

How To Survive As Local Business For Over 20 Years By Embracing New Marketing Strategies You know Bob Brennan as ...
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What Is The Google Map Pack and SEO Tricks To Get Your Website To Show Up In The Map Pack – 029

Understand When The Google Map Pack Shows Up and How To Get Your Website Ranked In The Map Pack We're ...
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More Customers Are Contacting You Via Messaging So Optimize Your Business To Take Advantage – 028

Discover The Easy But Hidden Way To Engage With More Customers And Get Ahead Of Your Competition We've noticed a ...
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Multi-Location Local SEO Strategy and Website Design Tips For Businesses With Multiple Locations – 027

How To Approach Local SEO and Increase Rankings If Your Business Has Multiple Locations If your business has multiple locations, ...
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Bing SEO

Improve Your Bing SEO Ranking With Bing Webmaster Tools and Bing Places For Your Business – 026

Bing SEO Using Bing Webmaster Tools and Bing Places To Increase Your Local Rankings and Exposure Bing SEO! It’s something ...
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Local SEO Marketing

What Is Local SEO Marketing, How Does It Work, and Why You Need It To Rank Locally – 025

Focus On Local SEO To Rank Higher In Google For Locally Based Searches What is local SEO? How does local ...
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Proven Tactics That You Can Easily Apply To Your Business

We’ve been in business for 23 years, operating local “brick and mortar” services businesses here in the Minneapolis, MN area.  We’ve tested marketing of all sorts – cold calling, telemarketing, door knocking, billboards, newspapers, radio, yellow pages, and even broadcast faxing (anyone remember that?).

Jesse and Bob

What did we learn?  Nothing beats ranking high on Google searches!

We’ve taken that knowledge and helped hundreds of businesses across the US, by getting them ranked high in Google to dominate their local markets.

Now, we want to help you!  Our new weekly podcast will focus on the tactics, techniques, and strategies to get your website ranked at the top of Google (and Bing, and Yahoo…) so you can grow your business, and make more money!


We're here to help! Share your thoughts on what you'd like us to focus on, or what challenges you are facing right now.