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Incorporating SEO (Search Engine Optimization) into your marketing strategy can be a crucial step in improving the visibility of your website or content on search engines. Whether you choose it as your only marketing strategy or use it to ground your marketing mix, SEO can help target your ideal customers from the local level to around the world.

But, since the SEO landscape constantly changes, keeping up to date with it can be a challenge – especially at the beginning. So, don’t get discouraged if you suddenly have more questions than answers. Even our experts are constantly on the lookout for new tips and tricks to improve our services. It’s all a part of the process. However, to make things easier, we asked our SEO team to share tips they wish they had known earlier to help you kick-start your SEO in the new year!

Breanna says…

“One thing that I learned that’s pretty easy and free for business owners would be competitor research. It’s like a cheat sheet for you and I know a ton of family or friends who feel stuck on where to start, I think that’s one good/easy thing to start with to get some ideas going.”


Ben says…

“One thing that I see is often overlooked is user experience/conversion optimization/ease of navigation. It can be very helpful for a small business owner to sit down with a friend who is unfamiliar with their site, and ask them to go to the website to book an appointment to see if it is confusing or tough to navigate to the desired conversion. Seeing firsthand what the customer journey looks like is a great way to discover pain points.”

Drew says…

“The silent game-changer in SEO is voice search optimization. Start thinking about how people ask questions verbally, not just how they type them.”


Alaina says…

“A lot of people throw content up on their site that is helpful or informative but without any plan or idea what keywords might lead someone to that content or what keywords they should include. Thinking about content beforehand and what keywords to incorporate is super helpful even if you are not an SEO expert. You can include that keyword naturally throughout the content and then you are not only providing valuable content but people are more likely to find it as well.”

TJ says…

“I wish I knew how important Internal Linking was when I was starting out. That and learning to think from Google’s perspective on how it discovers and reads content. Google crawls the web and the ways it follows links to a page + the content of the page both matter for how it will get ranked.”

And there you have it! Consider these tips as you kick off (and continue) crafting your SEO strategy. By staying curious and committed to learning, you can navigate whatever complexities arise in SEO and optimize your website for sustained growth. Now, tackle your 2024 marketing goals and start outranking your competitors!

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