Plans and Pricing

A typical SEO Program will cost between $575-$2,600 depending on the features and scale required.

Most of the modules and services listed here can be utilized “a la carte”, or in bundled packages.  Each SEO program is custom for each customer, since each customer has their own unique set of talents, resources, and goals.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization

Convert more website visitors into new leads and customers by evaluating the current design and approach of your website, how website visitors interact with it, and what the goal based outcomes are.

Digital Content Production

Digital Content Production

Content is king.  Identify your ideal target customer and most profitable service niches, then deploy a content creation schedule to produce relevant and interesting content to attract and convert new customers.

Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB)

Ensure your business is listed in the Google My Business listings, and optimize your GMB page to rank high in local searches with proper setup, ongoing rank monitoring, and automated page updates.

Tracking Numbers

Tracking Phone Numbers

Ranking high in search engines is not enough by itself.  You need customers to call you.  Trackable phone numbers let you truly understand the quantity and quality of the leads that are coming from your website.

Website Security

Website SSL and Security

Secure websites build consumer confidence, attract more customers, and rank higher in search engines.  Ensure your website is secure with end-to-end protection, monitoring, and security updates.

Local Citations

Local Citations Building

Increase your local online exposure.  Easily find the key citations your competitors have and identify the ones you need, to improve local search engine ranking factors, website visibility, and market dominance.

Social Media

Social Media Retargeting

Prospects search many websites before selecting a company to execute services. Use social media retargeting to reach your best prospects, making sure they choose your brand when they make a decision.

Search Indexing

Search Engine Indexing

In order for search engines, like Google, to show your website, you have to let them know  it’s there!  Ensure your site is listed, so it can be found, by managing what pages are indexed by search engines.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile Friendly Optimization

Every day more and more prospects are using their smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices to search for local service businesses online.  Make sure your customers can find you by optimizing for mobile viewing.

Search Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a broad term, meaning to optimize your website so it can be found in search engines.  Within that, there is an “SEO 101” foundation that ensures your website is built and maintained with best practices.

Website Speed

Website Speed Optimization

The speed of your website (how fast a page loads) is an increasingly important factor for being found in search engines, as each day more users migrate to using mobile devices for their internet searches.

Managed Microsites

Managed Microsites

Microsites are focused on specific niches, pre-built, full of content, and guaranteed to generate new sales!  Available for select industries, this turn-key solution can give you an instant website.