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If you’re running a business, it’s important to make sure your online presence is consistent and accurate. This includes your Google Business Profile (GBP). Recently, I experienced a local business that had a very confusing and outdated GBP. As a result, they were losing leads from potential customers. In this article, i’ll tell you the story of this Lima Cafe and how they can improve their GBP.

There is a popular rooftop cafe in the heart of downtown Lima. They serve delicious Peruvian food and drinks, and their atmosphere is perfect for a date night or evening out with friends. It is often recommended as a must-go in Lima for visitors to enjoy a taste of the city. However, their online presence was letting them down.

When I searched for them online, their GBP was outdated and confusing. They had no website or social media profiles set up. The only link available was redirected to make a reservation or order food online. To make matters worse, their GBP wasn’t even verified! This means that any information listed on their profile was not trusted by Google. After giving it three tries trying to get more information, I finally gave up and found another local restaurant that had an updated and trustworthy online presence.

This is a shame because this Lima Cafe has everything going for them – great food and service, a prime location, and an inviting atmosphere. But, because their online presence is so confusing and outdated, they are losing leads from potential customers.

For travelers, searching online for information such as menu items, location, and hours is essential before making a decision to visit. As this area is a common tourist destination, many people were looking for them online and weren’t able to find them. This resulted in lost business opportunities.

This Lima Cafe can improve its GBP by setting up a website and social media profiles. They should also make sure their GBP is updated and accurate, with links to all of their online menu. By doing this, they’ll be able to connect with potential customers and increase visitors to their business.

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