Local SEO Tactics #21 – How To Take Better Photos For An Engaging Website With Matt Addington (Part 2)

Local SEO TacticsEpisode 21 is online now!

Matt Addington shares tips and tricks for taking your own photos for your website, with your smartphone, in part 2 of this interview. We’ll also cover how to edit photos, great tools for editing built into your phone, and how to use photos on your website in the best way for maximum engagement and conversion. Matt shares some great tips that will make anyone better at taking photos, telling stories, and ultimately developing better content for your website!


  • How to take great photos for your business with your smartphone
  • What are the best angles to take photos with your iPhone
  • How to zoom in on ordinary things to take dramatic photos
  • Getting your camera to a place that you or others normally take for granted
  • Don’t let the background be a distraction (“when in doubt, leave it out”)
  • What is the HDR camera setting on your phone all about
  • How using the touch focus feature on your phone can help take better photos
  • Using built in editing features right on your phone
  • Using apps and mobile versions of programs like Photoshop for professional editing
  • Powerful features with Adobe Lightroom for phone and desktop photo editing
  • When it makes sense to hire a photographer instead of taking your own photos
  • Using a “less is more” strategy when putting photos on your website

Episode 21