Podcast Episode 11 Launch – How Call Tracking Software Can Increase Your New Customer Conversions

Local SEO TacticsEpisode 11 is live!

A key component to any marketing strategy is trackability. One area that is often overlooked by local businesses is tracking the number of phone calls that come in. This is a huge mistake! However, it is pretty easy to solve with a call tracking software solution. We’ll break down the features and benefits of a good call tracking solution, and share the best practices that we’ve compiled over the years – both from using this technology ourselves, and with the hundreds of clients we’ve worked with. It’s surprisingly affordable, and the benefits are numerous!


  • Why you should use call tracking software
  • What is call tracking software
  • How to use call tracking and recording to measure your results
  • How to establish a baseline of leads you’re currently getting
  • How to obtain a phone number for any area code
  • Using tracking phone numbers to measure marketing campaigns
  • Using tracking phone numbers to test market in specific cities
  • How to use call recordings to train your sales and service teams
  • How to increase your sales conversions using call recordings
  • Best practices for efficient call reviewing as a manager or owner
  • How to alert your team of new customer calls with “whispers”
  • How to use call recordings to find new product or service opportunities
  • Using call tracking software instead of a notepad when you’re mobile
  • How to leverage call data to develop call handling scripts or talking points

Check out the show notes for resource links, guides, and a link to watch the episode in video format!

Episode 11