Get your business on Google Maps and get new local customers

This is the most popular question we get asked;

What’s the one thing I can do, to get more new customers for my business?

Our answer, creating and optimizing Google My Business pages.  Always.

Creating a Google My Business page (also known as Google Maps page, or formerly Google Places page) gives your company many benefits.  Most notably ;

  • Be found at the top of Google
  • Customers can visually see your location on a map
  • You can list your business hours
  • Get reviews – positive reviews build new customer confidence
  • Customers can quickly find directions to your location, and use GPS on mobile
  • Post photos to show what your store looks like, or to feature prodcuts and services
  • Link to your website

Follow the guide below to setup your Google My Business page, and start getting more new customers for your business!

Google My Business Pages

Get your business found in Google, prominently displayed in the local map results area

Google Maps Setup

If you’ve been searching on Google, you’ve likely noticed the featured “maps” area in local search results.  This has become more prominent since late in 2015.

In the example shown here, searching for “phoenix radiator repair” on Google, you see three businesses listed, along with a map and location icons.

These map-type results are known as Google Maps or Google My Business pages.

In recent years, Google has put an emphasis on localized location based search results.  You can see this evolution today, when you search for a product or service combined with your city name.  Typically you will be shown a 3-5 local businesses outlined on a map, and then traditional website results and links underneath.

This functionality of showing the maps and location related data at the top of the search results has been especially relevant with the rise of mobile and smartphone usage for everyday use.  Depending on your industry, it’s likely that most of your website views happen on mobile devices.  The same would be true of the searches you’re wanting to show up for.

Get your business listed.  It’s free AND easy!

First – you need a Google My Business listing

*PLEASE NOTE if this process below is overwhelming, or if you simply do not have the time, we can help!  Contact us if you’d like to engage with us.

You must create an account in the Google My Business area.

For instructions from Google, follow this link to claim or create Google My Business listing

Once you have an account, make sure you’re signed in.  You’ll start by checking to see if your business page is already listed by clicking on the button titled “Get Your Page”.

You’ll then be prompted to choose between Storefront, Service Area, and Brand.  It will look like the image below;

Choose Google My Business Type

*Choose the Storefront option if you are restaurant, retail store, hotel, or a business where customers come to your location for the transaction.

*Choose the Service Area option if you are a service provider like a plumber, food delivery, courier, or other business that serves customers in the field or at their locations. You can also choose this option if you have a physical storefront you also do business from.

*Choose the Brand option if you are a sports team, association, or other such organization that is not directly selling to or servicing a customer on a transactional basis. Most businesses will not choose Brand as an option.

Next, you’ll be prompted to search for your business name in the box provided. If your business is listed, you’ll have the option to claim it.  Learn how to claim it here.

Google My Business Search

If you did not see your page listed, you can setup a new one.  Click the “Add Your Business” link, and on you will then be able to enter your business information.  It will look like the image below;

Google My Business Setup

Be sure to enter as much information about your business as possible!  The more information you provide, the more Google’s algorithm likes your page.

Next – verify your Google My Business listing

Once you have entered your business information – or if you have submitted a request to claim your page because you found it in the steps previous – you will have to verify you are the owner, and operate from the address you provided.

Verification happens in the form of a postcard from Google, containing a PIN to confirm you are the owner and that you operate out of that address. The process can take up to 2 weeks, but typically happens in 3-6 days.

Google Maps Verification

While you wait for your page to get verified, you can do a few things to optimize your Google My Business page, and maximize your visibility!

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We hope this blog post helps you setup your Google My Business page.  If you’d like even more in-depth and step-by-step help on how to fully optimize and rank your Google My Business page for the keywords and business you want, download our guide now!

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