What if i already have a website?

If you have an existing website, that’s great! Keep using it and continue to improve it.  We like to say, “Think of it as opening up another store in the other side of the mall. Both stores will make money, and it all comes back to you.”

Do you need access to my current website?

No changes will be made to your current website, and we do not require any access to it. The service we provide is completely independent, and has nothing to do with your existing website.

Who owns the microsites?

As a general rule, we own the microsites.  You simply pay a monthly fee for the service.  It’s a rental, in a sense.

Can I own a microsite?

Yes!  All of our microsites are for sale, at any time.

How does the performance based pricing work?

There is a flat monthly fee, and it is evaluated every 90 days for increase/decrease based on website performance (# of leads generated).  If the number of leads is trending up, then the price goes up respectively.  Likewise, if the number of leads is trending down, the price goes down respectively.

Does this cover more than one city?

Yes.  Microsites cover a geographic area, based on the individual market and the niche industry the microsite is targeting.  In some instances they can cover a suburb or two, and in other instances they can cover an entire metropolitan area.

How will you achieve search engine rankings?

We achieve dominant search engine rankings by adhering to industry best-practices.  We produce quality, focused microsites for niche industries, and continually add fresh web content for targeted keywords relevant to the niche.  Our methods do not rely on back links, or black-hat (deceptive or spammy) tactics to acheive rankings.  This ensures long term success!

Can you guarantee #1 search engine rankings?

NO!  We never have, and we never will.  If you happen to find someone who guarantees search engine rankings – run away as fast as you can!  There is simply no possible way to guarantee rankings, since so many factors are outside of our control, and the algorithms utilized by the likes of Google, Bing, and Yahoo are not published for review.  What we do guarantee is new customers – and we’ll stand behind that completely!

What happens if I cancel my service?

We’ll feel sad for a while, but after we binge on some Marvel movies and ice cream, we’ll move on.  You, on the other hand, simply walk away.  No strings attached, no fees, and no penalties of any kind.  We’ll work our tail off trying to impress you each month, but if you ever want to part ways, we make it very easy.

How do I know if this is working?

You’ll be getting new phone calls and emails!  Our service is completely trackable, so we’ll be showing you the performance and success the entire time.  You’ll clearly see the number of phone calls and emails generated by your microsite, so the ROI analysis will be very easy.