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We’re super excited to start working with you.  We’ve got your info, and now we’ll get started!

The Next Steps

  • Review the information below.
  • We’ll follow up and confirm when your site has been updated.
  • Watch your Inbox – we’ll be sending you some Getting Stated emails.

Here are a few quick reminders, on some of the features that come with our services!

The Whisper Feature; When a new caller is from the website, you’ll hear an audio alert when you answer the phone.  Before the caller is connected, you’ll hear a recording that informs you the incoming phone call was generated from the website.  THIS IS IMPORTANT!  These customers have found the website, and need your help.  They can easily hang up and use Google to find someone else.  The Whisper Feature helps to alert you this is a new customer, and to be ready to impress!  So…don’t forget to smile when you speak!

Recordings via Email; All website phone calls – whether missed calls, voicemails, or full conversations, are recorded and emails immediately after they happen.  This gives you a great tool to review the quality of the incoming leads, in addition to the quality of service your team is providing.  Many customers find this is a great way to train staff and improve customer service!

Everything is Quantifiable; All website traffic, calls, emails, and communications are tracked and monitored for performance.  Clear data makes for easy review, evaluation, and performance improvements!

We could go on, but that’s enough for now.  This is going to be great!