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#28 – More Customers Are Contacting You Via Messaging So Optimize Your Business To Take Advantage

Episode 28 is online now! We've noticed a shift happening - customers are contacting businesses more and more with instant ...
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#27 – Multi-Location Local SEO Strategy and Website Design Tips For Businesses With Multiple Locations

Episode 27 is online now! If your business has multiple locations, you need a slightly different approach to your local ...
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Bing SEO

#26 – Improve Your Bing SEO Ranking With Bing Webmaster Tools and Bing Places For Your Business

Episode 26 is online now! Bing SEO! It’s something that most businesses ignore, and you can use that to your ...
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Local SEO Marketing

#25 – What Is Local SEO Marketing, How Does It Work, and Why You Need It To Rank Locally

Episode 25 is online now! What is local SEO? How does local SEO work? How do you use local SEO ...
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Google My Business Updates

Google My Business Updates – GMB Descriptions, Services Section, Attributes, and Users – #24

Episode 24 is online now! Google My Business (GMB) is an extremely important part of SEO and the digital marketing ...
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Most Important Web Pages To Include

Local SEO Tactics #23 – What Pages Do I Need On My Website? The Most Important Pages You Should Include

Episode 23 is online now! What are the most important pages you need do have on your website – one ...
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website change monitoring

Local SEO Tactics #22 – Monitor Website Changes Automatically (and Spy On Competitor Pages Too!)

Episode 22 is online now! Nowadays, there are many great website change detector apps to help monitor website changes and ...
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Website Photography Tips

Local SEO Tactics #21 – How To Take Better Photos For An Engaging Website With Matt Addington (Part 2)

Episode 21 is online now! Matt Addington shares tips and tricks for taking your own photos for your website, with ...
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Website Photography Tips

Local SEO Tactics #20 – How To Take Better Photos For An Engaging Website With Matt Addington (Part 1)

Episode 20 is online now! One area of your website that can have a huge impact on user experience is ...
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GMB Offer Posts

Local SEO Tactics Episode 19 – What Are Google My Business Offer Posts and How To Use Them Effectively

Episode 19 is online now! Google has released a new feature within Google My Business (GMB) called Offer Posts. The ...
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Avoid Over Optimization Of Your Website

Episode 18 – What Is Over Optimization and How To Avoid Over Optimizing Your Website – Local SEO Tactics

Episode 18 is online now! Yes, it is possible to over optimize your website. Too much of a good thing ...
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GMB Category Keywords

Using GMB Categories As Website Keywords To Improve Your Rank In Google Maps – #17

Episode 17 is online now! Google My Business, also known as GMB, is a crucial part of any SEO strategy ...
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XML Sitemaps

Local SEO Tactics Episode 16 – Creating A Website Sitemap For Google With An XML Sitemap Generator

Episode 16 is online now! Want your pages to show up in Google? Then you better have a sitemap on ...
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Google Search Console

Local SEO Tactics Episode 15 – What Is Google Search Console and How To Submit Your Website To Google With It

Episode 15 is online now! Google Search Console (also known as Google Webmaster Tools pre-2015) is a free service, provided ...
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Attacking New Keywords

Episode 14 – Attacking New Keywords – Updating Your Homepage Versus Creating A New Page

Episode 14 is live! In this weeks episode, we dive into a question that was submitted by Patrick, who listens ...
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online reputation manager software

Episode 13 – Get More Reviews and Leverage Them In Your Marketing With Online Reputation Management Software

Episode 13 is available! Online reviews are very important, not only for helping to build trust with potential customers, but ...
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Episode 12 – Charge More For Your Services and Close More Customers With Improved Call Handling

Listen To Episode 12 Now! As a local service business, it can be annoying when you get price shopper phone ...
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call tracking software

Podcast Episode 11 Launch – How Call Tracking Software Can Increase Your New Customer Conversions

Episode 11 is live! A key component to any marketing strategy is trackability. One area that is often overlooked by ...
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Getting Reviews For Your Business DOES Matter!

Online Reviews Make A Big Difference In How Much Exposure Your Business Gets Reviews are a big deal, now more ...
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spy on competitors keyword strategy

Podcast Episode 10 Launch – Spy On Your Competitors Keyword Strategy With Keyword Research Tools

Episode 10 is available! Have you ever wondered what your local competitors are going after, regarding their website and keyword ...
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Podcast Episode 9 Launch – What Are Keywords and Choosing The Best Keywords For Your Website

Episode 9 is available! Everyone’s heard of a keyword, but do you really know what a keyword is? In Episode ...
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